Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lucky me

When we are broken a million times, and still manage to smile..

Some help us in collecting the broken parts..

Some help us in fixing it together..

Some keep hitting on the broken parts..

Some manage to be a shield around us, so that none can break us further..

And I found one such somebody, who is trying to shield many..

And I started admiring this somebody..

I wonder how many times this somebody got broken in life..

That this somebody could feel the wounds of others..

Differing from those moments of questioning the universal energy..

I thank the universal energy.. for the blessing that I met this somebody..

And that somebody is you Vignesh!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ID Blog (For Evaluation)

My Initial Expectations:
More than expectations, I was just curious to know about the methodology that will be adopted by Ma'am to deal with various topics.

My Learning:
When thought about a metaphor that will describe me, all I could relate me with was a quote- “She who has a ‘Why’ to live can bear with anyhow”. 

Classes in Personality exposed us to TA instrument and to MBTI. I held a strong view that personality is developed by 10 years and it is stable from then. This view of mine used to confuse me when I handle “TA and change”. It got shattered by attending this module. (It got reinforced when Sreedhar from Cognizant shared the demerit of using personality test in selection process). I did visit Kingdomality website to know more about where I belong.

If asked to describe one trait of personality, that made one successful over other (success not measured in terms of bank balance), I would go with “modesty” as mentioned in the link shared.

Making RBS portrait process itself was a good journey. RBS is Reflected Best Self. RBS portrait constitute 4 steps namely Identify respondents and ask for feedback, Recognize patterns, Compose your self-portrait and Redesign your job. I forced, reminded and did everything possible to make my friends send the inputs for my RBS portrait. When I discussed it with Ma'am, it opened a new window, which gave me clarity on my strengths and areas I need to improve upon.

The "Eye of Beholder" is one of the movies which gave me new insight every time I watched it. It truly depicts the quote- “When we are prepared to see something, we see it”. The discussion followed, on ‘errors of perception’ and debriefing with each character was thought provoking.

The Maya-Ezhumalai story evaluation made me appreciate the difference of individual opinion on the same incident and how each one of us are right in our way. As mentioned by one of the participant, "Past experience may influence your present decision".

Joshua Bell's video took me to my own doubts: If a famous violinist can be ignored by crowd, how far advertisement catches attention? But it also gave me a clarity that nothing should be given to anyone free of cost. People may not appreciate it. [By cost, I didn't mean only money]

Discussion on Attribution theory with class room examples was a good way to remember CCD- Consistency, Consensus and Distinctiveness.

As a group, we discussed the prejudice south Indians hold for north Indians and vice versa. This session emphasized the need for communication to remove the prejudices. Video clip on “Hanuman” while discussing ‘Pygmalion in management’ was fun and easily recallable.   

Attitude session started with ABC (Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral components). Many books like “Out of box”, “Timeless steel”, “Winning way” and “Vision India” were recommended to read. The knowledge that OCB and OJ got added to types of attitude was beyond the knowledge we got from Stephen P Robbins book. Further explanation on OCB was beneficial for research work.

Creativity Class by Shiva sir was an added bonus to our group. Though I have tried to read Edward de bono's book many a time, I somehow couldn't do it. Shiv Sir gave a clear idea about 6 hats of thinking through his interesting class. The 6 thinking hats are WHITE (What I know, what I need to know), YELLOW (What are the benefits and values & alternatives), BLACK (Problems, difficulties and risk), GREEN (Ideas and Creativity), RED (Feelings and Intuition) and BLUE (Managing the thinking). [Important note: Before applying any tool of creativity, one should fall in love with creativity and problem solving].

The 15 minute presentation from participants-end on decision making and biases was a rich experience. It started with our group presentation on “Before you make that big decision”. For our group presentation, we brain stormed and identified a theme, made instances to fit in the context, and used caricature to bring in a novelty. “Hidden trap” presentation closely resembled ours conceptually.

“Five routes to better decision making” dealt about McKinsey’s 5 flexons (Network, Evolutionary, Decision-agent, System-dynamics and Information processing) for problem solving. Further presentations on “Delphi technique” and “Decision Tree” were known concepts, dealt differently. “Morphological analysis: A problem solving tool” and “Mind Map” seemed to be beneficial for research scholars (in present scenario) than others. “Decision without blinders” was a new concept. It explained the necessity of Devil’s Inquisitor and Bottle neck. “Brain storming” was taken in an interesting manner.

The HOT seat quiz resembled "Kaun Banega Crorepati" with its options. While conducting class room experiments with water gun for classical conditioning, I imagined the possibility to do a similar experiment with respondent blind folded and stimulus being 'beating with pillow'. Instrumental conditioning experiment and the discussion followed was satisfactory.

Emotion module was comparatively less engaging than other classes. A famous leader like Steve Jobs being “Not emotional” was surprising information for me. “Amygdala hijack” and three kinds of empathy discussed, namely Cognitive, Emotional and Empathic, enriched the topic theoretically.

The panel discussion provided audience the real appreciation of ID in organization. More than as a panel, they appeared to be three friends who are sharing their experience without a social desirability bias. Some note worthy learning for me from panel discussion includes, “Life gives lot of second choices”, “To take threshold to next level, fulfill smaller goals”, “eom=end of mail”

“Inner Work life” by Amabile and Kramer was a beautiful paper that has described about the necessity to exhibit positive emotions, by leaders, for employees to perform better. A worthy quote from the paper is its last few lines- “People deserve dignity and respect. When we act on that realization, it is not only good for business. It affirms our value as human beings”.
Youtube exercise was an experiential learning one. We started appreciating the 'making of video' better after this exercise. It was an exercise that revealed the talent of team members as well.  Growing Managers case study analysis with my friend made me appreciate ID topics better. The leader interview was enriching experience. The interview left me with a message- "ID should be an experiential course that grooms an individual than a theoretical one".

Motivation module did give us an idea about our need. One of the quote that caught my attention was- “Because, It is there”.

Now that the course is over, hope we all will appreciate individual differences better and will strive for excellence.

My take away
1) Learned various teaching methodology- Case study, Class room experiment, Class room games, Quiz, Discussions, Psychometric tests to name a few.
2) Learned new possibilities of assessment- Caricature and Youtube
I will use these inputs in my future. Most of the book references and materials were classic.

Pointers to enrich course next time
1)      Less materials for MBA students
2)      More class room activities to be included.
3)      Video available in youtube can be viewed by participants a priory or after class.
4)      One or two real time case study discussion to be included
I like the variety with which each class was handled. It includes dancing punishment for late comers as well.

Note: We research scholars and Beate do have a pending treat!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A peep in to CCM class

We take decisions first and then we come up with reasons to convince others.

When I got enrolled to Cross cultural class many were asking me the relevance of doing it dropping HRM.   ( I dropped HRM as it was clashing with CCM )

I gave an answer to all-“See, My research topic is Employee Burnout. In today’s context we need to know about the cultural difference before studying burnout”.

Either the one who questioned me might have got convinced or they might have thought there is no point in arguing with me that they didn’t bother to question any further.

 After the CCM classes were on, I changed my research topic from Employee burnout to students stress (Aye, It’s not because of the stress I faced by preparing for CCM class. I promise! :P).

Though my well wishers stop questioning, It is my responsibility to keep convincing them that I am studying something worth, right? I came up with new thoughts-“ I am learning life from CCM”. I started talking philosophy after CCM sessions to reinforce the same.

Was it really true? May be, Yes.

During my so called philosophy sessions with my friends, below mentioned examples are the ones I used the most.

 While reading Chinese negotiation, story of Cheng Han Cheng was mentioned to detail the importance of hierarchy in Chinese society. According to Chinese scholar Dau-lin Hsu, in 1865 Cheng’s wife had the insolence to beat her mother-in-law. This was regarded as such a heinous crime that, among other punishments, Cheng and his wife were both skinned alive, their flesh displayed at the gates of various cities and their bones burned to ashes. Neighbors and extended family members were also punished. This might be considered as an extreme cruel act by us, but this is considered normal by them. Is there any point in arguing with them that what they did is wrong? Even now women are not treated equal to men there. What if an Indian lady gets married to a Chinese and settles there. Here, we hold the right to express our views even to elders. If she does the same there, she might be perceived bad. Isn’t the same is happening with older generation and us? They were born and bought up in different culture, thus fails to understand us.

Another incident is from a guest lecture. He was associated with Japan for a longer time. According to him, Japanese talks in an indirect manner so that they won’t hurt anyone. As part of their pleasing manner, they express NO in 40 different ways. One way of telling NO is YES. Even a straight forward YES is having dual meaning. Funny world!

When asked to explain the experience of being in India, one guest lecture expressed a concern of moving around a retail shop for multiple times to pay the bill and getting goods delivered. Sounds OK for me, but that drives a foreigner go CRAZY.

Apart from lectures and materials provided, we had a collaborative learning with class participants sharing their rich experience about various cultures being from different parts of India and world.

In a consolidated manner, what I learned from CCM class is- “It is better to appreciate and accept the difference of another individual or culture in all its form than complaining about it. It makes us feel good and gave a feel of completeness”. (Again philosophy!)

Keeping all in mind, I didn’t see anyone quoting that Smile is interpreted differently in any place. I feel that is the best language anyone can learn to adopt irrespective of culture.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deeru’s Investigation continues

One of my student kauth is doing his hotel business together with the studies...

He is bit poor in his communication.. But he will be communicating whatever he wants to through one or two words..

For example.. If he wants permission to go out, he will tell... Me, go out, permission.

Once he was not attending the class and was roaming around..

Dheeru came to know this and was very angry. How can students be so indisciplined under his guidance?

Kauth was asked to meet Dheeru.

Venue: Dheeru's room

Dheeru : What are u doing man, roaming without attending classes?

Kauth : Drinking Water, Sir

Dheeru : What you think about yourself? My foot..(Dheeru will be telling that very often whenever he gets angry)

Kauth didn't think twice. He replied : Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, sir??

Dheeru couldn't answer to that. He smiled. Others might have felt Dheeru laughed for the ignorance of Kauth.

I wish to reframe it as- Dheeru smiled because he found his successor from this college.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deeru’s Investigation

Day 1

A program was supposed to happen the very next day in our organization. A well known person named Balak was supposed to be there by next day, 2pm to address the gathering. My colleague is co-ordinating the event. By around 9 pm. she gets a call from Balak informing that He won’t be able to come the next day and if we can arrange the same in the very next week. She informed this to CEO and he asked her to inform the same to Deeru. Deeru got the details from her and said, he will do the necessary.

Day 2

Deeru made a call to my colleague by 10am asking-“What did Balak tell you yesterday?”
She replied-“ He wont be able to come today, He will try to make it in next week”.
Deeru asked her to come to his cabin.
When she entered, he could see student named Balak sitting with Deeru.
Deeru started investigation.
Deeru-“You told me Balak called you yesterday?”
My colleague- “Yes, he called me”
Balak(with a confused expression)-“When did I call you?”
My colleague- “You didn’t call me”
Deeru- “You only said, Balak called you”
Now she understood what was happening. She explained- “Sir, Yes, Balak did call me......."
Deeru: "But, he says....."
My Colleague: "Balak did tell me. .... But, it is our chief guest sir... Not this Balak"

Deeru started laughing to hide his ignorance.. And he regretted inside thinking- All his investigation plans went vain.

One word to Deeru.. Deeru, Best wishes… You can do even better with a little more effort…

A Brand New Hero-Deeru

Let me introduce a new character to you.. Deeru..
Have you heard this-
“Since light travels faster than sound,
some people may appear bright until you hear them SPEAK!!!”

This lines were just meant for Deeru. Before having an encounter with Deeru, I had gone through his profile.. My God!!! So many qualifications and work experience.. I was longing to meet him and to work under his guidance..

The very first meeting made me wonder if this is the same person whose profile I glanced through???

The way he talk, his pronunciation, everything had a local tone which I could associate to the ones we have heard in movies.. I kept ignoring my intuition..

Then happens an event in our organization.. For the prize distribution ceremony, Collector was invited. Collector before the ceremony wish to motivate the audience by his short speech. It was a gathering of hundreds of students. In between, to inspire the audience, he asked a question-“Do you know what is the distance between you and success?”. The whole audience went silent. I looked at the audience to check-Is there any brilliant one to answer this?

Suddenly, a hand got raised.. It was Deeru.. Then I felt- May be this is where the qualification and experience counts!!! Collector had a smile in his face. He asked Deeru to proceed..

Deeru with full confidence and in a childish voice shouted pointing his index finger up-

"WHAT???.. , !@#%^&*)()_+(Y&%$#@ " was the expression on Collector's face..

I burst to laughter…And many in the crowd were controlling theirs

And Collector controlling his laugh, answered-“ It’s the same distance between your thought and action”

The rest of the crowd understood the distance between them and success. Deeru still wonders "Why cant it be 1 feet?"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Help me please..

A girl is free of tension once she gets married, And

A boy is free of tension till he gets married.

Have you ever heard this lines???

Guys, let me ask you- What you have thought about girls??? Guys think like- We are too happy marrying a stranger.. No way...

Atleast you guys wont lose your friends after marriage.. But we do.. You need not leave your house, But we have to.. You may try to change yourself to impress your wife, But we lose many things in life after marriage, and still we shouldn't express that, and should impress you...

And hence, I feel marriage will make a girl lose her identity.. And she should find new ways to make herself happy.. So I ask my mother to postpone my marriage as much as possible.. But society wont leave us.. They are behind us asking all sort of stupid questions.. As I dont want her to feel sad, I agreed.. But I shared my grief with everyone who are close to me...

And a worthy advice from someone I know well was( He is elder to me) "Go for love marriage".. Yeah, Even I thought about it.. My Mother is very open minded.. She said to me- "She's ok for love marriage, as far as the guy is from same caste and is of similar financial background as ours".. Is this the way we fall in love??? Leave it. They cant understand all these.. So that plan wont work..

Now I am in search of genuine reasons to postpone my marriage.. Am hearing rumours- The world will end by 2012.. Is it true??? If so, Why should I sacrifice my freedom and happiness in the last 2 years of my life by getting married... So my friends, what can you do for me is - send me those details supporting this rumour.. So I can make my statement more clear to my mother with evidence..